Your 2019 Website Redesign Checklist

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Sometimes you are so busy that you don’t get time to do some important things. Where for a business owner, a website redesign is one of the crucial tasks to be implemented during those busy years. A website needs to be get attracted which you already did in the past but with the current trends, it also needs to be changed and with varieties so that it is revisited and periodically improved as per opportunities.

Now how to tell when is the time to redesign the website.

It is not easy then likely to get fewer opportunities from you to redesign a website that easily it requires money as well as time which puts it into post-pone the project. But certain things are needed to be taken care of at the right time and the right moment. If you have kept the same website from the last 3 years and not providing any new features with any new design based on current trends of Search Engine Optimization or any new technology. If you’re not currently worked on your website then you must do it now to get more relevance audience to your website.

You are not getting visitors as you’ve thought off?

If you don’t see much traffic on your website then you must use some online marketing techniques and rework accordingly to improve or strengthen your website. Website redesign helps in getting out your weaknesses and working on it will improvise your SEO opportunities, from which you can get better in search engines and could get more visitors.

Your visitors are not sticking around or returning.

The website should be designed in such a way that visitors are attracted and easy to read and content-wise it should be very precise and informative such that it should generate trust and interest to the visitors. If your website is not doing that so then reconsider your website strategy and look for different ways to redesign it with useful content and use of CTA(call to action).

It does not work on mobile.

A major issue concerning the loss of visitors on your website through mobile phones is not having a mobile-friendly website interface. Most of the time to check a website mobile phones are rather used than the computers. As of today mostly all the visitors generally see website hard to use on a small screen, visitors will click away and the search engines will lower your rating of the website.

Your business strategy is not the same.

With the moving current trend year by year revisiting the websites for business plan and the strategy should not be the same as previous and changes should be there as per changing business strategy, developing unique strategies along with their unique value proposition(UVP) and with introducing new products needs to be updated with your new approach in line.

Are you tired of the website you have?

There should be some update with your website if you want your visitors to be happy enough or you may want some different colors, new design or you have lately come to know few websites with designs who are very appropriate and good with the content are getting more visitors that maybe your one reason to make a change happen so lets make a better website which you really want.

There are few steps if you follow them then there are lots of savings done in time and money for your website redesign. Some steps are included in the checklist to help you get your website redesign right.

1. Set up your goals

The first step is to define what exactly you want from your website redesign and in what way it should be accomplished. After defining there may be some goal set which may be small or long term to rather increase the traffic of the visitors and sign up your email list form or overachieving term goal may be too developed and engaged community and making huge sales out of it. Writing out the list of goals with your website redesign contents will make you accomplish that goal, along with the determination of priority levels which will focus on your website redesign. Success can be achieved when you will consider all these facts and better measure your success once your new website is up.

2. Going through your website overall

Search into your website analytics for an understanding of what your current website is working, and what isn’t working. Working on your analytics will tell you who your audience is and how they find your website and what to do now. As per the audience suggestion the types of topics, CTAs, and design elements your audience responds to. And now confirm from your audience that they are attracted to it or not otherwise your marketing and website needs to take some different approach to work for a new prospect.

3. Progress your persona

Think according to your target audience and design your website which will produce higher chances of more visitors. Your website to work for the people is a real and important step for every decision you took while making your website redesign. A buyer persona is a basic sketch of the type of person you most want to reach. It includes a description of their interests and online behavior, demographic details, and notes on their common questions and problems.

find suitable keywords4. Find suitable keywords

Keyword research helps you to understand what is your audience looking for and also plays an important role in website optimization. Using words familiar to the audience can make your website look user-friendly and chances increases to appear on a search engine for that particular search. Always use a unique primary keyword for each web page of your website and also some secondary keywords. You can take help from keyword research tools available online.

5. Review and audit of content and SEO

Redesigning does not mean you need to do work from scratch, Your past reviews and deep study of SEO and content auditing can help a lot here.
Now what all things to look for while redesigning your website:

  • Optimized web page
  • CTA in each page
  • Clear menu and different categories suitable to different needs.
  • Re-framing the content to engage more readers.
  • Reasons for a high bounce rate
  • Remove content that is no more required.
  • Make sure your website’s new visual design supports your content.
6. Use simple and uncomplicated style

If more than one person is working on your website redesign then a style guide makes work easier and less complicated. It avoids unnecessary confusion. A style guide explains the color scheme, image to be used, button colors and styles, etc.

7. Search for the right website developer

Planning work is completed here, the next step is implementing the above steps. For that, you can either choose a website builder or can hire a web developer. Depending upon your requirement and comfortable are you can choose any one of them. Take some time and after a few research choose the best option because that will ensure the proper and easy designing process and proper functionality of the website as you need.

Know how your website looks on mobile8. Know how your website looks on mobile

In recent times when almost everyone uses the mobile phone for research, it is necessary that your website is mobile-friendly. Thus, you need to double-check whether your website is working and looking proper on all devices for better results.The way a website looks and works changes depending on the device used to view it. One browser might not support a particular feature, for example, or your layout may look different when you see your website at smaller resolutions.

9. Testing is the final step

The last and final step is testing your website. If there is any problem or the website seems unfinished – do not publish it, till you resolve them.
Ask a few known people to check your website and provide their feedback on it. If any problem, resolve it and then publish it.

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