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We a Website Maintenance Services will help you out to block hackers from attempting login

Have you checked if your domain name not marked as spam? We a Web Maintenance Service will help you out

Are you aware about reputation of your domain name? We a Web Maintenance Services will help you out

Do you know the number of attempts made to hack your website & from which Country?

  • Here at Magic works we assure you with the best maintenance services for your website, throughout.
  • Our website maintenance services make sure your website is always up to date, secure and working in the right direction for your business.
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website maintenance services

Whether you’re a small business, an enterprise, or a large corporation. Our website maintenance plans are fully customizable to meet the requirements of businesses of any size. Website maintenance services help your business provide a streamlined online experience that is fast, secure, and dependable.Magicworks provide detailed website maintenance services that includes

  • Backup of Website
  • Minor content updates
  • Bug fixes
  • Troubleshooting to the major security updates
  • SSL installation
  • Module configuration and installation
  • Version upgrades

We offer a comprehensive website support and maintenance solution that covers all of your bases.

Why To Keep Your Website Up-to-Date?

  • If you don’t keep your website up-to-date, it will unquestionably be damaged.
  • Once damaged, it can affect other aspects of your website.
  • Regularly scheduled updates can solve security issues and bugs.
  • Just a minimum investment from your end can save you from a potential disaster.
  • Additionally, without updating & maintenance, proper optimization of website and security monitoring is more prone to hacking threat.

Website Maintenance Is Costly Is A Myth…

  • A common misconception about investing in web maintenance is that it’s too expensive and not completely mandatory.
  • In reality, it’s not costly at all and quicker to regularly make small updates in/of your site than it is to make big leaps or patch huge issues.
  • What seems like a small version update to you is actually a larger undertaking with a huge price tag than if the updates were implemented regularly.


MagicWorks has been very quick, efficient and prompt to understand our requirements and have given us the services exactly to fit in our requirements. Thanks MagicWorks!

Mrs. Harshal Varkhedkar

Owner at LearnEasy IT and soft skills training institute

Magic Works is a very enterprising organization and well geared to meet all the requirements of its Customers. The team at Magic Works, headed by Swapnil, is extremely responsive and

Mr. Anish Sawjiani

Regional Distribution & Training Manager at Coco-Cola India.

We approached Magicworks a year before for our website. I am personally impressed with the kind initiatives and innovation Magicworks team has shown. Even their service and after sales service ...

Mr. Yogesh Kulkarni

C.E.O, Zeal Enterprises.

Magicworks has been our website developer for over 3 years. We are extremely happy with the courtesy and promptness of service extended throughout the course of our relationship. They go ...

Ms. Khushnoor Dastoor

Executive Director and Head - QA PPCE.

I thank Magicworks for their continuous support for domain registration, web hosting and website creation.They have been very professional in their approach and have created lots of magic for us.

Mr. Raymond Joseph

Proprietor, MARC Communications.

When it comes to digital marketing there are lots of commentators that talk a good game, but MagicWorks helped us make it happen. In the current year, we have seen and increased more than 100% in web leads. We highly appreciate the work done by the team at MagicWorks.

Mr Chetan Honmore

Marketing Manager, CADCAMGURU

The team at MagicWorks is extremely knowledgeable, approachable & very professional. They have guided us throughout the development project and continue to support us even as we go into a steady state. Most of all, I appreciate the response time, which is never longer than the same working day. I have no hesitation in recommending them and will gladly share our experience with anyone interested.

Mr Sameer Londhe

Founder & Director, Maps & Stories

We are extremely happy with the efforts and response time of the MagicWorks team. The team of magicworks believed in us and guided us throughout. Very few companies actually believe and support other ventures. The team at MagicWorks is one of them

Mr Sudesh Hinglaspurkar

Trustee, Ganthali

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    You Focus on Your Business, We Will Upkeep Your Website…