Technology has enabled the internet to be a significant part of our lives. Consumer buying decisions are increasingly being formed by what is seen on the web. As brands, we need to consciously create our digital identity and position ourselves appropriately in a market that will get increasingly crowded and competitive.

MagicWorks aids brands to stay ahead of the digital curve and helps them interactively engage with this transformed mindset of consumers.

MagicWorks IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a full-service digital solutions firm, specializing in creating high-impact business solutions for digital and social networking savvy public. Our very versatile and dynamic portfolio of services includes social media communication, website development, design, branding & services, performance marketing, staffing services, web hosting, and 3D modeling. We recommend and suggest result-oriented and tailor-made strategies to our clients without compromising on quality, which has led to greater customer satisfaction and prolonged client loyalty.

Our Magic’al Journey

In 2006, MagicWorks commenced business as a 3D models product company. Taking cognizance of emerging trends in the digital space, MagicWorks established itself as a full-service digital solutions firm in 2009. Today our 3D Magic Mantra business is part of a bouquet of digital services that we provide. As new trends keep emerging in the digital world, we continue to expand our product and service portfolio.

Our passion for what we do transfers into our services